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Watch this video about British interior designer and branding consultant, Ilse Crawford via Gestalten. Not only has Crawford designed some of the coolest spaces in the UK such as High Road House, Modern Coaching Inn, and Aesop, she was also the brains behind Elle Decor UK, which we all know is SO much better than its US counterpart. Here’s a look at some of her work. Bon Appétit!

Outside of the window by my desk, I’m seeing blizzard. I doubt that the city’s going to start looking like this soon, yes Hokkaido, Japan—an entire city enshrouded in a dense layer of marshmallow cream. Photo courtesy of Tortoise Shop.

Instead, I’ll be trekking through dirty sewage water slush in my canvas chuck taylor high tops. Yep, it was one of those mornings when I opted to read Grub Street instead of checking the weather report. Oh screwy.

This confusing climate is muddling my plans for thoughtful dressing. The past weekend was gorgeous—sunny—with a glimpse of the approaching Spring season. And today’s gloom is a reminder that anything too good to be true is fleeting.

An homage to my fashion quandary: a mix of light autumnal wear and winter boots and some springtime pastels.

Ligne 6 Margiela sweater from Bird

Margiela jewelry

Echo plaid scarf from Bird

Phillip Lim sweater from Bird

glittery pink tights from Forever 21

Leather fringe bag from Manimal

and last but not least- love these

My love of food and appreciation for wacky wallpaper have found a way to mingle, in a non contrived fashion, tastefully (no pun intended). Soy Este’s funky wallpaper designs of ordinary everyday objects is so clever and ranges from number two pencils to sponges to tea bags. But she really hits the concept of “ordinary” on the head with her homage to bad-for-you double cheese crackers… the fake cheese cracker sandwiches stocked in vending machines that we-in times of utter desperation-have actually devoured and enjoyed.

photo courtesy of Truth and Soul Records

Lucky me.

I caught Lee Fields + the Expressions at the Music Hall in Williamsburg on Friday. It was like one of those if you don’t know, now you know-moments. One of the best live shows I’ve seen in a long time.

photo courtesy of my buddy Andrew Tan

Here’s the story: A few years ago, I met the man behind Truth and Soul Records, and while at his studio with my then boyfriend, we got a sneak preview of a special song–“Honey Dove.” That song was so hot. I ended up playing it all the time during my show on UCLA RADIO Sounds Like Cement (click this link to see the FOUR Facebook fans I had at the time). Everything I love about ’60s R&B music was encapsulated in the song’s smooth melody and the simple (but sweet) lyrics. The studio musicians on that song played with such control, yet effectively conveyed the unbridled passion of soul music. It’s not a lovemaking tune–but one that makes your spirits come alive. It’s a song you listen to on your way to the airport to pick up your boo. God I still love that song.

I finally got to see Lee Fields and the Expressions this past Friday. Charles Bradley opened. The venue was PACKED. And the performance was quite an anachronism–I was transported to another era. Anyway– if you haven’t heard their music, please check it out asap before Pitchfork tells you to. Aw darn. Too late.

Listen and download Lee Fields + the Expressions’ “Ladies” via The Fader

Consignment stores are some of the best places to find one-of-a-kind, yet still affordable additions for your closet. I’m a second-hand FIEND. And I certainly do not discriminate against high brow or low brow digging. When I lived in California, my favorite spots were:
– Random thrift stores in the Valley
– Goodwill on La Brea Avenue, South of Wilshire Blvd., Goodwill in Temple City
– Wasteland on Melrose
– Occasionally, Buffalo Exchange
– Painted Bird in San Francisco

Now that I live in New York, I’m trying to nail down my “spots”. My list is growing, but I’m always eager to broaden my world of used + worn, but still chic and wearable.

Echo Scarf $15 from Housing Works

Ralph Lauren polka dot scarves $18 from Housing Works

Vivienne Westwood deconstructed shirt from Eva Gentry Consignment

Jas M.B. bag from Eva Gentry Consignment