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Alexandra Cassaniti
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Either you’re a fan…or you’re just lame. Apartamento magazine is filled with good photography and content. It’s hard not to be inspired by this “everyday life interiors magazine,” which feels kind of like the ripped jeans-wearing high school dropout-brother of the Selby. And like all awkward brothers, Apartamento is an idiot savant on the sly. And the Selby, obviously, went to Yale. The former gives us context and a sense of reality, whereas the Selby (as much as I love it), makes me wonder why everyone but me is in a relationship and can afford really cool geometric print rugs. Recently Apartamento launched Foodmarketo, a “half pop up store, half cooking workshop, selling contemporary design objects commissioned to over 30 international designers and hosting daily workshops to share recipes and everyday life ingredients.”


The webshop is pretty rad–with whimsical objects that are half utilitarian, and half awesome to look at.

Apple-a-Day by Ken Kirton “This interactive sculpture (or as we would rather put it, a shelf or calendar) allows a departure from the conventional fruit bowl and allows you to put the saying into action!”

8 «EIGHT» by Nicola Enrico Stäubli “A simple metal strap with an unimpressive winding off can be transformed into an elegant double loop, held together at the intersection and mounted to the wall with a standard screw and washer.”

Glueline by Oscar Diaz

shards of broken glass my hand clutched onto
the wobbling table
and you danced your feet they moved
my finger it bled
like paint struggling to find its path from the can.
the melody bristly in the darkness
our bodies like shadow puppet animals
and we danced our feet they moved
for a few rhythmic patterns
my arms flailed eyes rolled back feet swelled throat parched
sweat mixing sweat but not water
my hand clutched onto
you, a wobbling table but for now the music plays
and we dance.

Everything ends up being animal-inspired with me. Perhaps it’s living in NYC, in a small apartment that’s not very pet-friendly (well, dog-friendly). Or maybe it’s a self-realized human error–that I’m just too selfish to nurture another being, human and house-broken animal alike. So in place of my non-existent puppy, bird, and fish, I love home furnishings adorned with whimsical animal designs.

geometric crane lamp from Collected by Tas

Fish plates from Crate and Barrel