Monthly Archives: September 2010

While walking back home from the Creatures of Comfort store opening yesterday, I ran into this little guy, who like a good wing-dog, was waiting for his friend to finish chatting up ladies at a local bar.

It’s wild in NYC right now–Fashion Week is full speed ahead and the city is not short of burgeoning trends or juice-fasting girls. So far, from what I’ve seen (while waving from the sidelines), there is some chic nail action taking place. Here are some hands from the Vena Cava show, courtesy of Refinery 29. A little tribute to this from a few days ago.

Kisses @ La Cita in Los Angeles

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of catching Kisses at the Echoplex. This was a show I’ve been holding my pee for. And the band, the show, did not disappoint.

Months ago, I found out that my friend Zinzi and her boo Jesse started side-hustling with a music project (aka Kisses). Since then, their “project” has evolved from two songs-to-their-name-unsigned band-music to opening for Stereo Total at the Echoplex with almost a whole album’s worth of awesome tunes. The duo (trio, if you count the shadow-dwelling drummer), has been all over the internet recently–and despite all the hype and despite the fact that I love Zinzi to death, I just had to see the show to believe it.

And now, I don’t just believe it, I’ve totally converted.

Kisses (see their tour schedule, listen to their music)