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I will forever have a soft spot for plaid and nautical print. Both defy genres, styles, and trends. Through my many stages of identity crises, I have found ways to incorporate both prints in my dress. My hipster days were spent sporting stripes, horizontal and vertical. During my preppy days (a brief, brief occurrence when I was 17), I amassed a collection of J.Crew plaid button downs. And nothing gets me going the way that Ralph Lauren does with their timeless checkered shirts.

So, imagine my exuberance upon seeing these whimsical stuffed elephants from Zurich-based shop, Townhouse.

Why does everything look better on toy elephants!



Nothing like yummy peaches from the farmer’s market.

This season’s peaches have been quite impressive. I’ve been buying them at the farmer’s market for the last few weekends and have had really good luck picking out the sweetest, firmest, juiciest peaches of the lot.

Eating sliced peaches makes the California heat all worth it.


Meet George. His mom is the ultra-chic Foodinista and yes, he is just this stylish on any given day. I don’t think this outfit would have worked if George didn’t already have that debonair look and that pout, oh that pout.

Apparently he’s quite the flirt.

His outfit: “his mocs are from Yo My Booties. And the bib is leather, from this company:

Picture 8
excerpt from Post Punk Diary
via Google Books

Will someone buy this book for me already, please? I don’t care if Rolling Stones calls it a ” ‘top notch fan book’ “, which I know comes across as a praise but seems downright condescending to me, which means that I need to read it asap to qualify this very vague review of what I already think is going to be an awesome read, based on my ironically generous “limited preview” through Google Books. As a British post-punk fan, I greatly appreciate the Membranes mention. And that probably doesn’t come close to the other obscure bands documented in this book, er, almanac.

Picture 6

Current guilty pleasure:

I can’t even remember what my life was like before voyeurism became an acceptable form of entertainment. College days were spent browsing through Cobrasnake photos. I’d pick out all the girls who were as skinny as I wanted to be, an experience that only exacerbated my body dysmorphia. Then, I moved on to reality shows. My then boyfriend and I regularly camped out on the couch to watch a line-up of MTV and VH1’s finest. And in between all of this was MySpace, followed by an unhealthy dose of the Sartorialist. Need I say more?

Picture 7 is a user-accessible forum for fashionistas and stalkers. I guess I’m a little bit of both, so this website has quickly become a time-suck. According to the FAQ:

”What is is an international social experiment in style. It was inspired by street fashion blogs like the Sartorialist as well as “What are you wearing today?” forum threads across the internet.

How does it work?
1. You upload photos of your looks, and browse others.
2. Vote up stuff you like–community “hype” determines which outfits show up on the front page.
3. If people hype your looks, you gain “karma” which builds your reputation as a stylist.

What can I use it for?

* Show off the art of your style to the world.
* Enhance or reinvent your image through feedback.
* Promote your stuff if you’re a designer / boutique owner.
* Be inspired by original styles from every corner of the globe.”

This concept is incredibly smart and admittedly, silly. It appeals to a community of narcissistic fashion- and beauty-obsessed individuals who have their hands on really great wardrobes and good cameras (or photo-editing skills). Importantly, it gives the average person a chance to take part in what’s generally a very exclusive arena. Forget waiting for the Sartorialist to spot you on the street. You can upload your own self-portrait for the world to see. And I’ve seen Purple magazine-worthy shots on this website, courtesy of some 16 year old living in London.




As my plans for a France-bound vacation comes to life, so does my aspiration to achieve the casual-chic Parisian look. I’ve since overdosed on APC’s sweet girl-next-door look, and would like to update my look with a sassier, but still sophisticated, edge. I immediately thought of Les Prairies des Paris, a clothing label that depicts the French woman as strong, sexy, and undoubtedly savvy. I want to be suited up in something from their Fall 2009 collection, and stroll leisurely through rue des Martyrs to pick up my morning scone from Rose Bakery. Is that too much to ask for?

The photos above are from Les Prairies de Paris’ fall 2009 look book via Chicago Now . Salivate and enjoy!