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Finally caught up on my Fader blog reading. And found this. Good way to start off the weekend.



If you don’t already know about Mochilla, you should know about it immediately. Per the website:

“Mochilla is a production company formed by photographers Eric Coleman and B+ in 1997. The pair were working together on a music video for DJ Shadow near the pyramids outside Mexico City. One day during a conversation with the Mexican producer in an attempt to explain their philosophy of shooting they stumbled on the Spanish word for backpack. Mochilla.”

And tonight, one of the founders/collaborators is showing his work on the East Side. I’m a big fan of Eric Coleman’s photography, not only because he’s LA-born-and-raised (like I am), but because he captures a rawness of the subjects he shoots. His photos exude a visual and abstract brightness, shedding light on primitive emotions and experiences. I love his New Orleans series; he speaks honestly about what he sees. He doesn’t offer hyperbolic or contrived messages. He doesn’t claim to know the cultural subtext. He explores openmindedly, and as viewers, we get to explore with him. Gotta love that.





I finally climbed the three flights of stairs,
a Martin Kippenberger anthology threatening my balance.
And a heavy heart challenging those
memories of you, I wantonly created.

And there I am, stuffed into two bags
My life with you, how did it fit in two bags?
Those same bags were cutting my wrist,
as I sojourned up three flights, further and away.

It was everything but.
And I remember nights of somberly climbing
feet feeling like anvils, your words distantly
sounding like broken glass; many times I surrendered.

Today was bittersweet, like tomorrow
when you’re gone, and I’m here, but not there.
And though my arms are empty
my future is full, and our pictures tell the truer stories.

I finally climbed those three flights of stairs, alone.
Its uncertainty yearned for my fall
But I already fell before
And it didn’t really end up hurting that much,
at all.





Since I watched Moon starring my favorite thespian, Sam Rockwell, I have kind of been obsessed with space and interplanetary oddities. Then I found Risto’s latest galaxy- and animal-inspired prints. And even if you’re not curious about space, you’ll be curious about how “galaxy”-print leggings will make your ass look.

Hey I know!

“OUTTA THIS WORLD”. Har har har.

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