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What should have been a bike ride to the beach turned out to be more fun than… a bike ride to the beach. I’m eager for the rest of my evening to begin.



Since my purchase at the Goodwill yesterday, I have been trying to figure out what year the Christian Lacroix jacket dates back to. It’s starting to feel a little antique roadshow up in my room. I’m clicking back and forth between my research and updates on the Iranian protests. But in regards to the former, to no avail. All I know is, the Bazar line came to fruition in 1994, but that’s 15 years worth of collections I’d have to sift through for any clues.

In the midst of updating the Diane Diana blog (yes, that’s yet another Firefox window open), I came across this awesome photo of Catherine Deneuve, looking like the French style maven that she is. Her blazer looks vaguely like the one I purchased (see past entry).


As Daniel Johnston says in his song Living Life,

“This is life
And everything’s all right
Living living living living living living
living life”








Today has been a busy day- I was able to squeeze a dentist appointment and a little Goodwill shopping in and it’s still only 4:30 pm! I had a successful shopping day; I snagged two sweet purchases all for under $20. This Goodwill that I go to never lets me down. And just as I was about to leave the store with nothing (a rare moment), I saw in my peripheral two jackets hanging there, waiting for me to buy them. One is  a man’s Band of Outsider’s seersucker hooded baseball jacket. There’s a small stain by the sleeve, but it’s nothing a little soap and water can’t take care of. The other is a beautiful vintage Bazar by Christian Lacroix blazer. This one was only $7.99. I had minor heart palpitations when the guy was ringing this up.

“IS YOU FOR SERIOUS?” I wanted to ask over and over again.






Finished the documentary. Now working on listening to the The Late Great Daniel Johnston / Discovered Covered album.

I can’t believe I finally got around to the movie. It’d been on my Netflix queue for what felt like an eternity. Knowing the musician’s back story always heightens the listening experience. After all, it’s helpful to get a glimpse of what the artist was going through when his body of work came into existence. Daniel Johnston’s story was mostly bittersweet. The documentary purports to define Johnston’s mental illness as an inevitable consequence of his unmanageable genius. However, as a fan, I kept rooting for his sanity. Like some of his cohorts (i.e. Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore), I reluctantly gave up on the “tortured artist” fantasy and wanted him to just be healthy. I stopped caring what medication and hospitalization was doing to his creativity because he wasn’t really making music or art anyway when left to his own devices.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you how it ends because you could probably Wiki-it. But if you haven’t heard his music in a while, its certainly time to revisit…

Dream Scream – Daniel Johnston

This song blows my mind.

I know it’s not winter but I’m already thinking about warm, fresh-baked treats, mugs of frothy cappuccinos, and stylish scarves.

It doesn’t help that we are pushing through our November and December issues right now and I’ve been scarfing down pies, roasts, and other quintessential holiday fare.

Bodum Milk Frother from Blue Cashew Kitchen

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery from Dover Street Market

Scarf from Makie