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V Magazine’s Editor/Co-founder Cecelia Dean is making headway in the the world of fashion blogging and social media. She is giving readers and fans access to her wardrobe by posting vanity shots of herself in her favorite outfit of the week. And where does social media fit in? Of course, I found out about her project through a tweet. She’s no tween fashion blogger and certainly not a fashionista-stalker–Cecilia Dean is legit, and she knows it. Her photos (posted every Thursday on, will garner far more intrigue than say, photos of that 17-y/o fashion blogger who’s real name we’ll never recognize. But will her closet be able to sustain audience interest?


“A Berber-made boucherouite rug in the show at Cavin-Morris”

review from the Times a few days ago

A hot Saturday afternoon in the city entails glasses of Gruner Veltliner, INXS music videos, Record Club covers of everyone’s favorite INXS songs, and Modern Love editorials from the Times.

INXS version


Record Club’s version

Laundry will happen eventually.

Remember when L.L. Bean wasn’t cool? Yea, I do. I remember dragging my feet behind mom at Robinson’s May (throwback!)–annoyed with how painfully long it’d take her to pick out a cable knit sweater. And that very recognizable L.L. Bean hangtag, the brand name in Cheltenham script forever burned in my mind as “adult fashion to avoid.” Interesting how everything I dismissed as being farty and lame has come back to taunt me. Recent years, L.L. Bean’s Americana designs have tugged at my heart strings. Plaid button downs, army green anoraks, oversized wool sweaters–I love all of L.L. Bean’s greatest hits, and thus, my old fartiness has transpired. But I’m not the only one. People are showing love for L.L. Bean all over the internet–blogs, Ebay, online shops. I guess mom was ahead of the game, after all.

Loving this piece from 13 Bees Vintage’s Etsy store