Monthly Archives: October 2010

Rolling in bed as the LED screams in red
my stunted dreams bled.
Jolted from sleep to wake, but sleep I choose instead.
My casket–tempting–two pillows, those warm embraces
a black tarp of forlorn faces morning erases
this eternal tryst with death replaces.

And then chapter two. You.
Words tumbling over breasts and thighs
fumbling “rest of our lives”
faking “goodbyes”
Your eyes, Nirvana
idyllic wandering around infinite shades of blue
lull me into comatose longing for you.
and suddenly, I’ve put sleep on hold.
It’s you I’ve chosen instead.


Perhaps it was Rachel Comey who did it–who made me fall in love with the wooden heel. It was this shoe from her spring 2010 footwear collection that inspired me to “spruce” up my shoe collection. But alas, I had to choose between paying rent or looking chic–oh New York. Those Carrie Bradshaw-illusions feel so early 2000s, now don’t they?

Since then, my taste has evolved. I’m not sure I like fringes or wedges as much anymore, but I am still head over heels in-love with the wooden heel. There’s something fantastically mid-century furniture-esque about the contrast of leather and wood, paired together like an Eames lounge chair. I went shoe-shopping last weekend and found myself in Park Slope’s only acceptable shoe store, Eric on Seventh, and stumbled upon fierce wooden heeled-oxford-pumps blurring feminine and masculine, casual and dressy. Basically, it was my kind of shoe. The price–though not cheap, was doable. And it was definitely the most comfortable in its category. And here’s the shocker: These shoes were Timberland’s. The same brand that the hip hop streetwear community embraced in the 90s. Wait a sec. TIMBOS? I have a pair of Timbos at home but they’re mustard-colored construction worker shoes that I purchased to be quirky. These Marge lace-ups emanated something totally different–elegance and timelessness. But after a little research, I found out that Timberland does carry a luxury line of footwear that includes various wooden-heeled brogues, lace up pumps and boots, and more. Anyway, loving them!

Eric on Seventh
202 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY
(718) 369-4189

Ikea dominated the furniture market, and now the Swedish retail giant is rolling out a mass media takeover. The recently-launched Ikea cookbook is visually remarkable. The arty photos were shot by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell; and though it’s not food porn, it’s definitely soft core art porn. One can only imagine how fun it was to strategically place the ingredients in abstract formations. Well, fun, or just really annoying. This reminds me of this video.

But Ikea isn’t stopping there; a branded iPhone-app that’s being marketed with the book, the Kondis, is being rolled out. Here’s sneak peak:

The app is more or less a cooler, streamlined version of Weight watchers. And honestly, I’m not over the moon about the app’s usability. I’m mostly impressed with how awesome (and Scandinavian) the commercial is.