Kisses @ La Cita in Los Angeles

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of catching Kisses at the Echoplex. This was a show I’ve been holding my pee for. And the band, the show, did not disappoint.

Months ago, I found out that my friend Zinzi and her boo Jesse started side-hustling with a music project (aka Kisses). Since then, their “project” has evolved from two songs-to-their-name-unsigned band-music to opening for Stereo Total at the Echoplex with almost a whole album’s worth of awesome tunes. The duo (trio, if you count the shadow-dwelling drummer), has been all over the internet recently–and despite all the hype and despite the fact that I love Zinzi to death, I just had to see the show to believe it.

And now, I don’t just believe it, I’ve totally converted.

Kisses (see their tour schedule, listen to their music)


A hot Saturday afternoon in the city entails glasses of Gruner Veltliner, INXS music videos, Record Club covers of everyone’s favorite INXS songs, and Modern Love editorials from the Times.

INXS version


Record Club’s version

Laundry will happen eventually.

When you’re on the go in the city, it’s important to have the right gear. With the heat and humidity threatening to slow your pace, those Pierre Hardy heels need to get tucked away. I’m all about my Melissa’s, though not the pair shown above. (I’m sending this one out to the universe and maybe this pair will end up on my doorstep.) Melissa’s are cutesy, sure, but so comfortable. I’ve made it back to the LES from Midtown in my eco-friendly babies, blister-free.

Shuffling around town wearing these ostentatious UrbanEars headphones is the only way one can experience the Dream’s new album, Love King.

And finally, you won’t see me without Baggu’s nylon tote–which is as essential to market-goers as the American Apparel cotton tee is to young, scenester surburban dwellers. Salute to summer!

As a dedicated member of Team Bey Bey Knowles, I am always rooting for her success–be it in the form of song and dance, or in her awards ceremony get-ups. Remember when her mother used to dress her and the rest of the Destiny Child crew in flamboyant ghetto-fab debutante ball-gowns? I always prayed for her emancipation from the cringe-worthy styling.

These days, Bey has been looking great in her music videos. I loved her Betty Page-inspired style in “Video Phone,” and in the recent video for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” directed by MELINA & Bee Z, she’s nailed the Madonna/whore complex–looking like Marilyn Monroe during the Joe Dimaggio-years–a hyper-sexualized, vampy starlet, longing for normalcy and marital bliss. Of course, she failed, and as does Beyonce’s character in the video. The important thing is, she looked spectacular trying!

screen captures

PS. going to also take the time to give her sis Solange a little seal of hipster approval. She’s been so stupid awesome lately. See her performance with the Dirty Projectors at the Opening Ceremony party a few months ago. Still so sad I couldn’t go.

Going to the Hole show tonight at Terminal 5. My friend Kristy scored some tickets and is getting VIP treatment which means possible run-ins with celebs whose careers pre-date my existence, and who are probably all living the “sober” life now– a joint in the morning, followed by a couple of cigs, and that’s it. *Hugs* and *high-fives* for taking the high road!

I’ll admit though–I’m bummed that the rest of the Hole clan won’t be present for this “comeback” show. I guess it’s always been the “Courtney”-show anyway.

Great recap of yesterday’s Hole show viaSentamentalist Mag here.
Not so great write up about Courtney being blasted by Baldy Corgan.

Today my roommate Jen put on Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”and suddenly I’m reminded of the quivering vocals of Wild Beasts’ dapper front-man Hayden Thorpe, Bryan Ferry circa Roxy Music, and Antony of Antony & the Johnsons. I love their theatrical singing and the evocation of Baroque oratorios (see the last video of Joan Sutherland singing a Händel piece). Though I can’t confirm that they were really digging deep into Elizabethen music for inspiration, I see similarities. Don’t you?

and of course, Ms. Bush.

and finally…