Lee Fields gets the ladies

photo courtesy of Truth and Soul Records

Lucky me.

I caught Lee Fields + the Expressions at the Music Hall in Williamsburg on Friday. It was like one of those if you don’t know, now you know-moments. One of the best live shows I’ve seen in a long time.

photo courtesy of my buddy Andrew Tan

Here’s the story: A few years ago, I met the man behind Truth and Soul Records, and while at his studio with my then boyfriend, we got a sneak preview of a special song–“Honey Dove.” That song was so hot. I ended up playing it all the time during my show on UCLA RADIO Sounds Like Cement (click this link to see the FOUR Facebook fans I had at the time). Everything I love about ’60s R&B music was encapsulated in the song’s smooth melody and the simple (but sweet) lyrics. The studio musicians on that song played with such control, yet effectively conveyed the unbridled passion of soul music. It’s not a lovemaking tune–but one that makes your spirits come alive. It’s a song you listen to on your way to the airport to pick up your boo. God I still love that song.

I finally got to see Lee Fields and the Expressions this past Friday. Charles Bradley opened. The venue was PACKED. And the performance was quite an anachronism–I was transported to another era. Anyway– if you haven’t heard their music, please check it out asap before Pitchfork tells you to. Aw darn. Too late.

Listen and download Lee Fields + the Expressions’ “Ladies” via The Fader

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  1. lynface said:

    im so jealous diane! im sure dave is too!

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