gil scott-heron … winter in america

Outside of the window by my desk, I’m seeing blizzard. I doubt that the city’s going to start looking like this soon, yes Hokkaido, Japan—an entire city enshrouded in a dense layer of marshmallow cream. Photo courtesy of Tortoise Shop.

Instead, I’ll be trekking through dirty sewage water slush in my canvas chuck taylor high tops. Yep, it was one of those mornings when I opted to read Grub Street instead of checking the weather report. Oh screwy.

This confusing climate is muddling my plans for thoughtful dressing. The past weekend was gorgeous—sunny—with a glimpse of the approaching Spring season. And today’s gloom is a reminder that anything too good to be true is fleeting.

An homage to my fashion quandary: a mix of light autumnal wear and winter boots and some springtime pastels.

Ligne 6 Margiela sweater from Bird

Margiela jewelry

Echo plaid scarf from Bird

Phillip Lim sweater from Bird

glittery pink tights from Forever 21

Leather fringe bag from Manimal

and last but not least- love these


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