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In these times, a blanket is a utilitarian necessity, or it becomes a canvas for over-designed Ikea duvet covers. But the old-world tradition of tapestry-weaving transforms the humble blanket into a work of art. Recently, I was introduced to textile artist Richard Saja who weaves one-of-a-kind blankets that deserve the kind of exposed brick wall-space that none of us middle class city dwellers will ever have access to. These blankets are huge and completely breathtaking when hung from the ceiling. Saja’s work is available for purchase at de Castellane Gallery in Brooklyn. Each blanket is unique and the price? Surprisingly low for such detailed handiwork.


It’s wild in NYC right now–Fashion Week is full speed ahead and the city is not short of burgeoning trends or juice-fasting girls. So far, from what I’ve seen (while waving from the sidelines), there is some chic nail action taking place. Here are some hands from the Vena Cava show, courtesy of Refinery 29. A little tribute to this from a few days ago.

Denim cutoffs, midriff-baring tees, and Jeffrey Campbell sandals–your 5 minutes of fame are coming to an end. It might still feel like summer outside (and definitely on the subway platforms), but the trembling, brown leaves gripping tightly to their stems offer a glimpse of climatic salvation. Autumnal promises of beautiful coats and boots and scarves offer a renewed enthusiasm for shopping. And yet the wallet aches.

This year, forget ebony and ivory, it’s all about the marital vows of black and tan/camel/khaki, renewed. Lush fabrics are hushed by minimalist cuts and prints. I am in LOVE. There’s a time and place for in-yo-face color, and then there’s just … this.

Les Chiffonier’s Fall Collection via Refinery 29

Acne flight bomber for men

Acne flight bomber for women

Marni winter 2010

The Perfect Tangent via Selectism

Wood Wood

A hot Saturday afternoon in the city entails glasses of Gruner Veltliner, INXS music videos, Record Club covers of everyone’s favorite INXS songs, and Modern Love editorials from the Times.

INXS version


Record Club’s version

Laundry will happen eventually.

Going to the Hole show tonight at Terminal 5. My friend Kristy scored some tickets and is getting VIP treatment which means possible run-ins with celebs whose careers pre-date my existence, and who are probably all living the “sober” life now– a joint in the morning, followed by a couple of cigs, and that’s it. *Hugs* and *high-fives* for taking the high road!

I’ll admit though–I’m bummed that the rest of the Hole clan won’t be present for this “comeback” show. I guess it’s always been the “Courtney”-show anyway.

Great recap of yesterday’s Hole show viaSentamentalist Mag here.
Not so great write up about Courtney being blasted by Baldy Corgan.

This past weekend’s visit to Los Angeles was a good one. I had a chance to revisit the former life: clothes I never knew I had strewn across my bedroom floor, old photos scattered about, and all those things I thought I couldn’t live without–but managed to live without anyway. And how can I forget…all the things I took for granted, like my mom, whose existence alone, heals all wounds.

This time, I tried to pack smartly. The essentials only, which turned out to be a hot mess anyway. And suddenly all those things I thought I discarded–albeit halfheartedly–somehow appeared in my suitcases anyway. I sense some deep analogy coming, so I’ll just shut up and show you some pictures.

nyc. april 2010