It’s wild in NYC right now–Fashion Week is full speed ahead and the city is not short of burgeoning trends or juice-fasting girls. So far, from what I’ve seen (while waving from the sidelines), there is some chic nail action taking place. Here are some hands from the Vena Cava show, courtesy of Refinery 29. A little tribute to this from a few days ago.

Denim cutoffs, midriff-baring tees, and Jeffrey Campbell sandals–your 5 minutes of fame are coming to an end. It might still feel like summer outside (and definitely on the subway platforms), but the trembling, brown leaves gripping tightly to their stems offer a glimpse of climatic salvation. Autumnal promises of beautiful coats and boots and scarves offer a renewed enthusiasm for shopping. And yet the wallet aches.

This year, forget ebony and ivory, it’s all about the marital vows of black and tan/camel/khaki, renewed. Lush fabrics are hushed by minimalist cuts and prints. I am in LOVE. There’s a time and place for in-yo-face color, and then there’s just … this.

Les Chiffonier’s Fall Collection via Refinery 29

Acne flight bomber for men

Acne flight bomber for women

Marni winter 2010

The Perfect Tangent via Selectism

Wood Wood

V Magazine’s Editor/Co-founder Cecelia Dean is making headway in the the world of fashion blogging and social media. She is giving readers and fans access to her wardrobe by posting vanity shots of herself in her favorite outfit of the week. And where does social media fit in? Of course, I found out about her project through a tweet. She’s no tween fashion blogger and certainly not a fashionista-stalker–Cecilia Dean is legit, and she knows it. Her photos (posted every Thursday on, will garner far more intrigue than say, photos of that 17-y/o fashion blogger who’s real name we’ll never recognize. But will her closet be able to sustain audience interest?

Remember when L.L. Bean wasn’t cool? Yea, I do. I remember dragging my feet behind mom at Robinson’s May (throwback!)–annoyed with how painfully long it’d take her to pick out a cable knit sweater. And that very recognizable L.L. Bean hangtag, the brand name in Cheltenham script forever burned in my mind as “adult fashion to avoid.” Interesting how everything I dismissed as being farty and lame has come back to taunt me. Recent years, L.L. Bean’s Americana designs have tugged at my heart strings. Plaid button downs, army green anoraks, oversized wool sweaters–I love all of L.L. Bean’s greatest hits, and thus, my old fartiness has transpired. But I’m not the only one. People are showing love for L.L. Bean all over the internet–blogs, Ebay, online shops. I guess mom was ahead of the game, after all.

Loving this piece from 13 Bees Vintage’s Etsy store

Summer has just barely begun and I’ve been enjoying the metamorphosis my wardrobe is undergoing. In the kind of humidity we city-dwellers have been experiencing, purging anything that weighs more than .005 grams is not just recommended, it’s required. Helsinki-based designer, Paola Suhonen, gives us a summer collection with her label IVANAhelsinki, that feels so light and airy without being flimsy. Polka dots, horse prints, andflouncy hoop skirts all play into the circus motif that works so well for the season–a hot and humid fun-filled disco summer.

Christian Wijnants is one of my favorite designers for reasons beyond his inspiring, whimsical design aesthetic (S/S 2010 is loosely, owl-themed! And you know how I love them hooters.)

A. He’s Dutch. And yes, I have a predilection for Dutch design.
B. He simultaneously creates artful, breathtaking dresses and teaches at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. I like people who can pat their heads and rub their stomachs at the same time.
C. He’s got Dries Van Noten in his rolodex as a “former employer”.
D. One of the dresses is appropriately named “Dalmation Dog Dress”.

Anyway, his S/S 10 collection–which I meant to blog about last fall–is really getting me in the mood for some summer sashaying. Now I just have to figure out where to get cute sized 4.5 heels to sashay in.