no shortage of coffee in my house

My Chemex and Bodum press pot finally arrived, thanks to my cousin Steve. My burr grinder tagged along as well, much to my delight. He lugged all three in a nondescript black duffel bag, like some kind of dai lo with a bag full of dirty drug money. Except Steve’s an EMT, and the bag contained coffeenerd contraband, which is cooler than drug money anyway.

As soon as I was set up, Steve and I rushed over to Whole Foods on Bowery to pick up some Gimme! Coffee beans. After perusing the options, I went with the Piccolo Mondo Fair Trade Organic Blend—a medium dark roast that’s also migratory bird friendly, apparently.

The flavor profile: Tastes like plum, buttercream, robust, and red wine.
The body: Dusted honeycomb and velveteen.
The finish: A long pleasant stretch of goodness.

Dannnnnnnng. Shutthefuckup! No way. Yes way!

I ground the beans at a medium grind and made my first cup with the Chemex drip. The aromatic coffee oils penetrated my olfactory system, and I immediately fell hard. Not surprising, since I’m more of a Central American coffee drinker, I’ve discovered—I crave the robustness, the dark chocolate essence that actually reminds me a lot of a good Cabernet. Maybe I would have liked a lighter roast—but all in all, I’d sign off on this blend. In any case, it’s gotten me through a lot of ugly mornings.

I’m also lusting for this:

THIS JUST IN::::: SF’s Blue Bottle Coffee opening in NYC via NYT


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