I hate doing this. You know, hyping things up.

While others might disagree and even suggest that I am the ULTIMATE hypeman, it’s actually an unintentional act of do-gooding. Really, I’m just enthusiastic and wanting to share my energy, and the bubbly effervescence of said enthusiasm comes across as “hyping shit up.” I didn’t understand the dangers of over-hype until I went to famed pizza joint, Motorino only days after Sam Sifton deemed it it as the “best pizza of New York City.” And to top it all off (did anyone catch the hilarious pizza reference? no?), three Motorino fans had to tell me while I was waiting for a table, how AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING the pizza was going to be. In all-caps– and with drool dribbling from their chins. And guess what? The pizza was fine. I still like PIzzeria Mozza better. Los Angeles, stand up! But pizza is pizza…though, music on the other hand is something that can often live up to hype…

This is my long-winded segue into a very necessary announcement. You can call it hype, I call it intel, info of the utmost importance.

Kisses. Yes, that’s right. Not the kind you give your boo, but the kind that is about to first, take the LA music scene by storm and second, figure out a way to penetrate your iTunes. Kisses is an Echo Park-based band, brainchild of two amazing, talented youngfolk Zinzi Edumundson and Jessie Kivel (Princeton), and my current obsession. Only ONE song is available so far… a tease, a flagrant disregard of my desire to hear more…or just really impressive music in its infancy. There. That which I hate, I am. Hype man! But second only to Stereogum . A notable music news aggregator telling us that Kisses is awesome and I’m just keeping up with the joneses.

Zinzi & Jessie happen to be friends of mine, which means I judge them more harshly than I would, say, Wild Beasts. It’s rare that I can listen to the music objectively without visualizing my old water-cooler buddy doing some sort of funny song and dance. When I heard their single, “Bermuda”, I definitely had a minor nerd-out moment; I wanted to google the band and know everything about them, forgetting that I already did know everything about them. And now I’m sad that I’m across the country, wishing I could be at their Mandrake dj sets, wishing I could have an instant sneak preview of their music at work while sneaking bites of pie from the test kitchen. And then Zinzi would hold my hand as I get misty eyed, and a little hand-squeeze when I remind her not to forget me when she’s at the top…

how’s that for hype?



throwback pic…

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    diiiiiii love you

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