Ikea dominated the furniture market, and now the Swedish retail giant is rolling out a mass media takeover. The recently-launched Ikea cookbook is visually remarkable. The arty photos were shot by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell; and though it’s not food porn, it’s definitely soft core art porn. One can only imagine how fun it was to strategically place the ingredients in abstract formations. Well, fun, or just really annoying. This reminds me of this video.

But Ikea isn’t stopping there; a branded iPhone-app that’s being marketed with the book, the Kondis, is being rolled out. Here’s sneak peak:

The app is more or less a cooler, streamlined version of Weight watchers. And honestly, I’m not over the moon about the app’s usability. I’m mostly impressed with how awesome (and Scandinavian) the commercial is.


The Legends - Over and Over (2009)

I was listening to Swedish band the Legends’ Over and Over album last night and decided that I really like them. I thought to myself, “Gee, these guys kind of sound like the Radio Dept., same kind of washed out but turbulent feedback” and lo-and-behold, after some research, it’s clear that these two bands are interconnected. One opened for the other or something like that.

Anyway, try to get your hands on the album through Labrador records. I was going channel the pretentious music nerd within and post a review, but my verbosity is getting on my own nerves so that’s that.

Visit their MYSPACE page.

Loving this Swedish clothing company, Permanent Vacation. All of the Spring 09 styles are throwbacks to the hardcore 90s stuff we used to wear. Floral print leggings. Over-sized chambray button downs. And this:


And when worn, like this:

While scouring through the website, I came across some artwork by Hanna Terese Nilson, a Gothenburg-based artist who contributed fashion illustrations for last year’s fall/winter line.