There are always two sides to every story here.

When you’re on the go in the city, it’s important to have the right gear. With the heat and humidity threatening to slow your pace, those Pierre Hardy heels need to get tucked away. I’m all about my Melissa’s, though not the pair shown above. (I’m sending this one out to the universe and maybe this pair will end up on my doorstep.) Melissa’s are cutesy, sure, but so comfortable. I’ve made it back to the LES from Midtown in my eco-friendly babies, blister-free.

Shuffling around town wearing these ostentatious UrbanEars headphones is the only way one can experience the Dream’s new album, Love King.

And finally, you won’t see me without Baggu’s nylon tote–which is as essential to market-goers as the American Apparel cotton tee is to young, scenester surburban dwellers. Salute to summer!

Acne maya leather wedge sandals

Love it or leave it–the return of the suede wedge! How’s this for retro? I think my mom owned a similar pair back in the day that was twenty times cheaper.

Might seem counterintuitive to be decked out in strappy, suede footwear during the summer–especially here, where it’s hot and humid. But actually, have you seen the preferred garb of the Sahara dessert? Acne is on to something here…

Everything ends up being animal-inspired with me. Perhaps it’s living in NYC, in a small apartment that’s not very pet-friendly (well, dog-friendly). Or maybe it’s a self-realized human error–that I’m just too selfish to nurture another being, human and house-broken animal alike. So in place of my non-existent puppy, bird, and fish, I love home furnishings adorned with whimsical animal designs.

geometric crane lamp from Collected by Tas

Fish plates from Crate and Barrel

This etsy store is kind of incredible. Really average stuff you can find at most thrift stores or flea markets. But the store owner has made everything feel more aesthetically appealing with the way she’s set up her shots. Smart.

the shoes that have been taunting me, left to right, top to bottom: Chie Mihara from Gimme Shoes, Dries Van Noten from Gimme Shoes, Acne from Creatures of Comfort, Rachel Comey from Steven Alan, Faryl Robin from Urban Outfitters, Bass from Steven Alan, Rachel Comey from Creatures of Comfort, Esquivel from Satine, Maria Cornejo from ?.

The above photo results from seeing all the great shoes popping up around the city, which in turn results from the shifting of seasons. It’s finally warm enough outside to break out the rain- and snow-sensitive foot garments and time shove those dreary boots and galoshes under our beds. Can’t wait to wear my Acne wrap sandals that I got from a Steven Alan store for a good price after getting the fattest discount. Rachel Comey–mark my words–your shoes will be mine someday.

MINE! Cannot wait to wear with denim booty shorts and flimsy dresses

Consignment stores are some of the best places to find one-of-a-kind, yet still affordable additions for your closet. I’m a second-hand FIEND. And I certainly do not discriminate against high brow or low brow digging. When I lived in California, my favorite spots were:
– Random thrift stores in the Valley
– Goodwill on La Brea Avenue, South of Wilshire Blvd., Goodwill in Temple City
– Wasteland on Melrose
– Occasionally, Buffalo Exchange
– Painted Bird in San Francisco

Now that I live in New York, I’m trying to nail down my “spots”. My list is growing, but I’m always eager to broaden my world of used + worn, but still chic and wearable.

Echo Scarf $15 from Housing Works

Ralph Lauren polka dot scarves $18 from Housing Works

Vivienne Westwood deconstructed shirt from Eva Gentry Consignment

Jas M.B. bag from Eva Gentry Consignment