Perhaps it was Rachel Comey who did it–who made me fall in love with the wooden heel. It was this shoe from her spring 2010 footwear collection that inspired me to “spruce” up my shoe collection. But alas, I had to choose between paying rent or looking chic–oh New York. Those Carrie Bradshaw-illusions feel so early 2000s, now don’t they?

Since then, my taste has evolved. I’m not sure I like fringes or wedges as much anymore, but I am still head over heels in-love with the wooden heel. There’s something fantastically mid-century furniture-esque about the contrast of leather and wood, paired together like an Eames lounge chair. I went shoe-shopping last weekend and found myself in Park Slope’s only acceptable shoe store, Eric on Seventh, and stumbled upon fierce wooden heeled-oxford-pumps blurring feminine and masculine, casual and dressy. Basically, it was my kind of shoe. The price–though not cheap, was doable. And it was definitely the most comfortable in its category. And here’s the shocker: These shoes were Timberland’s. The same brand that the hip hop streetwear community embraced in the 90s. Wait a sec. TIMBOS? I have a pair of Timbos at home but they’re mustard-colored construction worker shoes that I purchased to be quirky. These Marge lace-ups emanated something totally different–elegance and timelessness. But after a little research, I found out that Timberland does carry a luxury line of footwear that includes various wooden-heeled brogues, lace up pumps and boots, and more. Anyway, loving them!

Eric on Seventh
202 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY
(718) 369-4189


When you’re on the go in the city, it’s important to have the right gear. With the heat and humidity threatening to slow your pace, those Pierre Hardy heels need to get tucked away. I’m all about my Melissa’s, though not the pair shown above. (I’m sending this one out to the universe and maybe this pair will end up on my doorstep.) Melissa’s are cutesy, sure, but so comfortable. I’ve made it back to the LES from Midtown in my eco-friendly babies, blister-free.

Shuffling around town wearing these ostentatious UrbanEars headphones is the only way one can experience the Dream’s new album, Love King.

And finally, you won’t see me without Baggu’s nylon tote–which is as essential to market-goers as the American Apparel cotton tee is to young, scenester surburban dwellers. Salute to summer!

Acne maya leather wedge sandals

Love it or leave it–the return of the suede wedge! How’s this for retro? I think my mom owned a similar pair back in the day that was twenty times cheaper.

Might seem counterintuitive to be decked out in strappy, suede footwear during the summer–especially here, where it’s hot and humid. But actually, have you seen the preferred garb of the Sahara dessert? Acne is on to something here…

the shoes that have been taunting me, left to right, top to bottom: Chie Mihara from Gimme Shoes, Dries Van Noten from Gimme Shoes, Acne from Creatures of Comfort, Rachel Comey from Steven Alan, Faryl Robin from Urban Outfitters, Bass from Steven Alan, Rachel Comey from Creatures of Comfort, Esquivel from Satine, Maria Cornejo from ?.

The above photo results from seeing all the great shoes popping up around the city, which in turn results from the shifting of seasons. It’s finally warm enough outside to break out the rain- and snow-sensitive foot garments and time shove those dreary boots and galoshes under our beds. Can’t wait to wear my Acne wrap sandals that I got from a Steven Alan store for a good price after getting the fattest discount. Rachel Comey–mark my words–your shoes will be mine someday.

MINE! Cannot wait to wear with denim booty shorts and flimsy dresses





Having friends who work in the fashion industry doesn’t just mean free swag and star-studded parties (ew, did I just say that?), it’s also kind of a burden. These same friends will often alert me of a new, cool brand or product, causing me to lust for things I can’t afford. My good friend, the infamous Alice of Adidas, is always sporting some kind of awesome garment from a new Adidas collaboration (most recently, it’s been Jeremy Scott).

My friend Ben is in New York for business and had a chance to stop by the Cole Haan showroom. I’ve got a soft spot for Cole Haan. My favorite red patent leather loafers are Cole Haan, purchased on a whim at the Desert Hills outlet on my way to Palm Springs 4 years ago. The shoes are comfortable, made with good quality leather, and preppy in an unexpectedly cool way. And the new Heritage line coming out looks like it’s a winner! It’s Amish- and French countryside-chic, but tailored for a cosmopolitan woman (or man). I love this line and cannot wait for it to debut. I’ll start my piggy bank now.

Thanks Ben for the intel!