Winter is the inspiration behind melancholic ballads and heavyhearted lyrics. I’m a sucker for wintery emo songs sung by crooning sensitive white boys. As much as I love Caetano Veloso, Rufus Thomas, and the Dream, I have to give a little internet high five to my fair-skinned brothas.

White Flight – Augustine
Rolling Stones – Wild Horses
Jeremy Jay – Winter Wonder
Japan – Ghosts

and by the biggest white boy crooner of all time: my fave, poet Mr. Richard Howard


Manners of this time this place
moderate me.
Weather grows accustomed, space
more or less free
To take whatever shape you left
in the soft air,
Memories of the eyeball fixed
but not forced there.

It is an anyhow world
I wander, run
Now to such days, corroding, cold
for the season
But never too white for spring.


Jonathan + Olivia (ultra hip store in our bruthas and sistas of the North, er, Canada), has posted a well-rounded playlist with songs that aren’t play-able of course, those bastards, that will be incorporated into my mental radio. Yes, the same one that keeps me occupied when I drive around town or when I’m eating lunch. Definitely on par with XM- no commercials!

J+O weekly music playlist – by Swiss Albert


Ultravox – Young Savage

The Rascals – All that Jazz

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag

Magazine – the Light pours out of me

Ultravox – Slow Motion

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night

Joy Division – Insight

Echo & the Bunnymen – the Killing Moon

Ultravox – Just for a Moment

The Mekons – Where were you

Three Ultravox songs shoved into one list. And I don’t care if The Killing Moon is played out. It is the perfect, moody song to slip in between new wave and punk goodness.

Here’s another awesome playlist by Sebastien Tellier, courtesy of Interview Magazine, with the songs linked! Get your headphones on, folks-

Picture 1