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Kisses @ La Cita in Los Angeles

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of catching Kisses at the Echoplex. This was a show I’ve been holding my pee for. And the band, the show, did not disappoint.

Months ago, I found out that my friend Zinzi and her boo Jesse started side-hustling with a music project (aka Kisses). Since then, their “project” has evolved from two songs-to-their-name-unsigned band-music to opening for Stereo Total at the Echoplex with almost a whole album’s worth of awesome tunes. The duo (trio, if you count the shadow-dwelling drummer), has been all over the internet recently–and despite all the hype and despite the fact that I love Zinzi to death, I just had to see the show to believe it.

And now, I don’t just believe it, I’ve totally converted.

Kisses (see their tour schedule, listen to their music)


I hate doing this. You know, hyping things up.

While others might disagree and even suggest that I am the ULTIMATE hypeman, it’s actually an unintentional act of do-gooding. Really, I’m just enthusiastic and wanting to share my energy, and the bubbly effervescence of said enthusiasm comes across as “hyping shit up.” I didn’t understand the dangers of over-hype until I went to famed pizza joint, Motorino only days after Sam Sifton deemed it it as the “best pizza of New York City.” And to top it all off (did anyone catch the hilarious pizza reference? no?), three Motorino fans had to tell me while I was waiting for a table, how AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING the pizza was going to be. In all-caps– and with drool dribbling from their chins. And guess what? The pizza was fine. I still like PIzzeria Mozza better. Los Angeles, stand up! But pizza is pizza…though, music on the other hand is something that can often live up to hype…

This is my long-winded segue into a very necessary announcement. You can call it hype, I call it intel, info of the utmost importance.

Kisses. Yes, that’s right. Not the kind you give your boo, but the kind that is about to first, take the LA music scene by storm and second, figure out a way to penetrate your iTunes. Kisses is an Echo Park-based band, brainchild of two amazing, talented youngfolk Zinzi Edumundson and Jessie Kivel (Princeton), and my current obsession. Only ONE song is available so far… a tease, a flagrant disregard of my desire to hear more…or just really impressive music in its infancy. There. That which I hate, I am. Hype man! But second only to Stereogum . A notable music news aggregator telling us that Kisses is awesome and I’m just keeping up with the joneses.

Zinzi & Jessie happen to be friends of mine, which means I judge them more harshly than I would, say, Wild Beasts. It’s rare that I can listen to the music objectively without visualizing my old water-cooler buddy doing some sort of funny song and dance. When I heard their single, “Bermuda”, I definitely had a minor nerd-out moment; I wanted to google the band and know everything about them, forgetting that I already did know everything about them. And now I’m sad that I’m across the country, wishing I could be at their Mandrake dj sets, wishing I could have an instant sneak preview of their music at work while sneaking bites of pie from the test kitchen. And then Zinzi would hold my hand as I get misty eyed, and a little hand-squeeze when I remind her not to forget me when she’s at the top…

how’s that for hype?



throwback pic…

Picture 3

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about this year’s Part Time Punks Festival at the Echo. I didn’t go last year, but heard it was awesome. This year’s line up is pretty money, what with Medium Medium, Crystal Stilts, and Kid Congo Powers due to perform (among other highly-anticipated acts). But I’m signing on board just to see the Raincoats. This Brit post punk girl band produced one of my favorite albums of all time–a self-titled album that is raw, edgy, and unpretentious. None of the three band mates are music virtuosos, sure, but their energy is simply infectious and the wailing over the offbeat drumming is decidedly punk. If you get your hands on this album, you have to listen to The Void and Lola (a Kinks cover). Anyway, I hope they deliver.


photo via Smells Like Records


Picture 27

Picture 20

About two months ago, artist, photographer, and Art Center faculty member Stephen Berkman presented his work at the Hammer alongside the Darker Side of Light exhibition, which is over now. I missed his presentation, unfortunately. But since he’s a local figure, I’m sure I’ll get other opportunities to check out his work.

His style encompasses the camera obscura technique and by way of alt photo process, the resulting images evoke wonderfully creepy sepia-toned pinhole photos of centuries past. But Berkman doesn’t just outfit his work in 18th – 19th century garb. Each photo has a very modern, comedic undertone. He references cavemen, funny sideburns, and aliens, yes, aliens.

View more work on his website. Find out where he’ll be showing next. Or just stalk him at Art Center.


Nothing like yummy peaches from the farmer’s market.

This season’s peaches have been quite impressive. I’ve been buying them at the farmer’s market for the last few weekends and have had really good luck picking out the sweetest, firmest, juiciest peaches of the lot.

Eating sliced peaches makes the California heat all worth it.

While I’m not a fan of regurgitating…

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MIRROR / HORROR Slide Talk & Film Screening

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Trinie Dalton recently released her zine anthology, MYTHTYM (Picturebox), a compendium of three handmade books on mythological themes that collect the work of over 50 artists and writers. MIRROR HORROR is the first section in the book, a 100-page treatise on the topic of mirrors in art and cinema. This evening will entail a slide talk on mirrors in art history, focusing on witchcraft and magic, and Dalton will discuss her collection of Giallo horror film stills. For the second half of the event, Dalton will screen short animations by various artists.
Machine Project

1200 D North Alvarado
Los Angeles, CA 90026