As my plans for a France-bound vacation comes to life, so does my aspiration to achieve the casual-chic Parisian look. I’ve since overdosed on APC’s sweet girl-next-door look, and would like to update my look with a sassier, but still sophisticated, edge. I immediately thought of Les Prairies des Paris, a clothing label that depicts the French woman as strong, sexy, and undoubtedly savvy. I want to be suited up in something from their Fall 2009 collection, and stroll leisurely through rue des Martyrs to pick up my morning scone from Rose Bakery. Is that too much to ask for?

The photos above are from Les Prairies de Paris’ fall 2009 look book via Chicago Now . Salivate and enjoy!



Since my purchase at the Goodwill yesterday, I have been trying to figure out what year the Christian Lacroix jacket dates back to. It’s starting to feel a little antique roadshow up in my room. I’m clicking back and forth between my research and updates on the Iranian protests. But in regards to the former, to no avail. All I know is, the Bazar line came to fruition in 1994, but that’s 15 years worth of collections I’d have to sift through for any clues.

In the midst of updating the Diane Diana blog (yes, that’s yet another Firefox window open), I came across this awesome photo of Catherine Deneuve, looking like the French style maven that she is. Her blazer looks vaguely like the one I purchased (see past entry).

French crime wave film screenings happening now until June 20th. Tomorrow night’s double feature includes:

Lousie Malle’s Elevator to the Gallows, starring Jeanne Moreau.

I’m not sure how I feel about the storyline, but I have a feeling the fashion and art-direction in this movie will be interesting. Apparently, visuals will be accompanied by a legendary Miles Davis score.

Tickets are $10! Visit the Lacma website for more information.