Ikea dominated the furniture market, and now the Swedish retail giant is rolling out a mass media takeover. The recently-launched Ikea cookbook is visually remarkable. The arty photos were shot by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell; and though it’s not food porn, it’s definitely soft core art porn. One can only imagine how fun it was to strategically place the ingredients in abstract formations. Well, fun, or just really annoying. This reminds me of this video.

But Ikea isn’t stopping there; a branded iPhone-app that’s being marketed with the book, the Kondis, is being rolled out. Here’s sneak peak:

The app is more or less a cooler, streamlined version of Weight watchers. And honestly, I’m not over the moon about the app’s usability. I’m mostly impressed with how awesome (and Scandinavian) the commercial is.


Picture 8
excerpt from Post Punk Diary
via Google Books

Will someone buy this book for me already, please? I don’t care if Rolling Stones calls it a ” ‘top notch fan book’ “, which I know comes across as a praise but seems downright condescending to me, which means that I need to read it asap to qualify this very vague review of what I already think is going to be an awesome read, based on my ironically generous “limited preview” through Google Books. As a British post-punk fan, I greatly appreciate the Membranes mention. And that probably doesn’t come close to the other obscure bands documented in this book, er, almanac.

I know it’s not winter but I’m already thinking about warm, fresh-baked treats, mugs of frothy cappuccinos, and stylish scarves.

It doesn’t help that we are pushing through our November and December issues right now and I’ve been scarfing down pies, roasts, and other quintessential holiday fare.

Bodum Milk Frother from Blue Cashew Kitchen

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery from Dover Street Market

Scarf from Makie