When you’re on the go in the city, it’s important to have the right gear. With the heat and humidity threatening to slow your pace, those Pierre Hardy heels need to get tucked away. I’m all about my Melissa’s, though not the pair shown above. (I’m sending this one out to the universe and maybe this pair will end up on my doorstep.) Melissa’s are cutesy, sure, but so comfortable. I’ve made it back to the LES from Midtown in my eco-friendly babies, blister-free.

Shuffling around town wearing these ostentatious UrbanEars headphones is the only way one can experience the Dream’s new album, Love King.

And finally, you won’t see me without Baggu’s nylon tote–which is as essential to market-goers as the American Apparel cotton tee is to young, scenester surburban dwellers. Salute to summer!

Picture 3

I’m mildly obsessed with British heritage-wear that never seems to make sense when worn in Los Angeles. Brands like Hunter, Tricker’s, Barbour, Burberry, and Aquascutum always get me wanting to conquer the great outdoors nonetheless, though I really only want to LOOK like I’m about to. I have a pair of vegetable-print ankle Wellies that stylist Kim Wong gave me and I’ve only been able to sport them that one time it rained out here. But this certainly doesn’t mean I can’t advocate a Barbour bag purchase- these wax-cotton messenger style bags are stunning. The simple shape and utilitarian design makes it a classic piece that will never let you down. I went to the Barbour website and ended up finding several more bags I now covet. I’m thinking of biting the bullet and investing in one. There will be some expensive dental work required afterward…

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