this isn’t goodbye. this is hello?

I’m not one for visiting graveyards. I loathe revisiting the dead and expired and retired. It’s possible that the fear stems from insecurities about my own incalculable shelf life. Oh, those fears of being just as unnecessary as flared jeans or platform sandals. But when you work in media, you realize that staying relevant and fresh is as much about personal growth as it is about ego. Staying “abreast” is staying in the game. Sure, it’s so easy to listen to the same music you’ve been since college, talk shit about social media, or complain about gentrification. The pendulum doth swingeth, and suddenly your old-fartiness comes off as a self-conscious old fartiness. Who wants to hire an Encino Man? (P.S. Does anyone under the age of 18 even know who Brendan Frazer is?) But importantly, sensitivity to the fluctuating societal vibrations is a strength. It’s the ability to understand and empathize; it’s not succumbing to pessimism about the ever-changing world.

Awareness doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting all the stuff of yore, however. I’ve decided that balance is key. Can you really understand the overarching themes of social and cultural progress without examining the past? It’s uncomfortable to reminisce, but all that “remember when”-nostalgia can be inspiring without being, well, sad. When I was cleaning out computer files, I uncovered pictures of my “fit” days–when I swam, ran, and ate healthfully–daily. As I started to lament, I had to check myself, and realize that while those days of 2006 have come and gone, future days of 2010 can be filled with the same vitality. And with all that–I bring you three awesome magazines that have seen better days–that can live on in our hearts without sleeping in our beds. I look forward to all the inspired, indie iPad-friendly ezines to come.

homage to early issues of Punk Planet here

read more about Link here, and buy issue 10 here.

Ray Gun, all about it, thanks to Wiki.


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