Anni and Jenna

I love DIY blogzines that are birthed either from sheer boredom, or an admirable emotional and mental dedication to a subject. And whatever happens in between is awesome too–because that’s the place where most of the conceptual thinking takes place. It’s the mad scientist approach to publishing online. Experimenting with design and content until perfect harmony of both strikes. I guess I’m still finding the right pitch (and trying hard to become the Weezy of blogging)…luckily, OK Do is kind of what I just described–the online zine that’s fun to look at, fun to read, because it can’t be placed in any which category, but the discussion that exists is vibrant and progressive nevertheless. It’s founded by two Helsinki designers Anni and Jenna. Their relationship reminds me a lot of this one. Their interests encompass so many things–but all with an aesthetic angle. Anyway, check out the site and give it a go. Whether or not you agree with some of their viewpoints…its a fun way to kill time while you’re waiting in line at Shake Shack.


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