mommy’s milk cheese controversy

photo via flickr

I’m a pretty open-minded person. I’m find fringe and alternative lifestyles intriguing if not alluring. I tend to think anyone who sets out to explore his curiosities despite what social norms he breaks along the way, is kind of awesome. And I was ok with Manhattanite chef Daniel Angerer making cheese out of his wife’s breast milk, though, the picture of his mommy’s milk cheese paired with thinly sliced roasted beets was a little unappetizing if not gross. But then, my colleague sent me a link to a NY Post update about Chef Angerer offering samples of his mommy’s milk cheese to customers.

I guess that’s where the line gets drawn, with one of those permanent, two-inch-thick-tipped markers that bleeds through poster paper. Don’t really give a hoot about what he does privately, but by wanting to make it available at his restaurant in Chelsea for select customers–something about that is just so nasty. It’s extremely unsanitary, especially since breast milk is unsterilized and the consumption of it is unregulated. Of course when Chef Angerer announced his plans to serve it, the health department stepped in, rightly so.

Look. I am down to try breast milk cheese or gelato or serve whipped breast milk cream with my pie, but only when the milk has been thoroughly inspected for bacterial contamination. It’s the same reason I want weed legalized–so you don’t end up with the shady stuff, so someone can step in and say, “hey that’s foul. Not cool.” As a raw milk advocate, when I do, I only purchase my milk from vendors and dairy farms I trust, that have demonstrated safe production methods and standards. And it’s as much my own responsibility as theirs to be aware, as it is Chef Angerer’s responsibility to know that as cutting edge and resourceful (or delicious?) as this all seems, there could be severe consequences.

The bright side: Mommy’s Milk Cheese is definitely vegan-friendly.


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