missing in action

When I left Los Angeles, I had to sacrifice a lot of really incredible kitchen- and dinner-ware. We are talking years of digging around vintage shops and ebay, and of careful bubble-wrapping each time I moved apartments. Then there are the most prized possessions–the items that would not have been had I not deferred my college loans. Just kidding. Sort of not kidding.

I miss the following::::Staub dutch oven, vintage cocktail glasses, vintage tea pot/creamer/sugar jar set, Shun chef’s knife, DWR food scale/clock combo, All Clad sauté pan, Lodge enameled cast iron skillet, Le Creuset baking dishes, hefty collection of Pyrex lidded bowls, Zojirushi rice cooker, collection of dinner linens, and I’ll just stop bragging now, vintage cake molds (there was one shaped like a rooster).

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss my salts and spices and my collection of Nielsen-Massey extracts.

left to right: bowls from Etsy, apron from Conran Shop, mini cocotte from Staub, plate from Marimekko, tray from Conran Shop, juicer from Anthropologie

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  1. ughhhh i miss my la kitchen (industrial sized sink, stove, and fridge) and california produce, too. ox

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