I loved Mark Bittman’s write up about peanut butter last week. He called out a favorite trick of mine to gussy up oatmeal, which is to stir a spoonful of it into the morning gruel for extra protein and flavor. It’s also the go-to ingredient for the peanut dipping sauce served at Vietnamese restaurants. Ironically, also last week, I tasted Koeze’s Cream Nut All-Natural peanut butter at my friend Alice’s house. We started discussing what we liked and disliked about this 70+ -year old brand, and what we might prefer instead (Trader Joe’s peanut butter). However, the packaging alone will make any peanut butter-fan salivate.

The Koeze peeps are sending me samples of their peanut butter to test. Maybe then I’ll get a chance to assess. Maybe you’ll see something about it in Bon Appétit. Until then, here’s a glimpse of the packaging from back-in-the-day.


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  1. annie said:

    I do that too!! PB+OATMEAL =AWESOME.

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