get your umbrella

Picture 3

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about this year’s Part Time Punks Festival at the Echo. I didn’t go last year, but heard it was awesome. This year’s line up is pretty money, what with Medium Medium, Crystal Stilts, and Kid Congo Powers due to perform (among other highly-anticipated acts). But I’m signing on board just to see the Raincoats. This Brit post punk girl band produced one of my favorite albums of all time–a self-titled album that is raw, edgy, and unpretentious. None of the three band mates are music virtuosos, sure, but their energy is simply infectious and the wailing over the offbeat drumming is decidedly punk. If you get your hands on this album, you have to listen to The Void and Lola (a Kinks cover). Anyway, I hope they deliver.


photo via Smells Like Records


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