I’m eating nuffin but muffins.

Though I’m taking a break from the Jamie project, I am still trying to maintain a healthy diet comprised of mainly whole grains, locally-grown fresh vegetables and fruits, and unrefined sugars. That last one has been tough. After all I devoted much of last month to this.

Last night, I made a Panzenella (bread) salad that consisted of La Brea Bakery’s pain rustique, grilled vegetables such as corn, bell peppers, red onions, zucchini, and fresh tomatoes, cucumber, tons of herbs, and a delicious dressing made from a walnut oil, mustard blend. This recipe was developed by my managing editor, Katie, who is kind of the queen of delicious grilled salads. I want to be the queen of something too.


Here’s a snapshot of some oatmeal-wheat bran blueberry muffins I made not too long ago. It was sweetened with maple syrup and applesauce, with just a sprinkling of muscovado sugar on top for crunch. These were delicious (for what they were). I’ll post the recipe if I can remember it!

  1. Diana said:

    Where did you find muscavado sugar? I’ve been looking for it for some time but whole foods and trader joe’s don’t carry it.

  2. eyeprinciple said:

    Hey Diana-

    You are right. It’s hard to find. I think I bought mine at a fancy Ralph’s in LA. They should sell them at Surfas (Culver City), maybe Bristol Farms, and then online at Zingerman’s or Amazon…

    I would call ahead to find out though. I hate showing up at the store and not finding what I need! What were you going to use your sugar for?

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