out of site, out of mind

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My days and nights have been spent simultaneously improving my website and learning how to build one that’s not an eyesore. Picking up coding again, has been fun. I briefly toyed with website design in 1996, then as a sophomore in high school. My hiatus, what I call the “college years”, debilitated my html/java/css abilities. But like all things that come and go and that eventually return in my life… check out the semi-finished product here. (http://www.oddsplusevens.com).

Picture 2

Web design isn’t my strong suit, but it’s certainly my friend Vanessa’s. Check out her website: vanessalam.net, which she also just completed this past week. She’s a talented designer! Check out some of the work she’s created…

Picture 4

My best friend Diana, now a Berkeley Journalism grad student, also has been working on her portfolio, which can be found here: Systems of Operation. There are links to her other web ventures on the site. My personal favorite is her tumblr, which she updates frequently.

Picture 5

Finally, my friend Robert, Bon Appétit’s esteemed art director, has been chiseling away at his. Robertfestino.com and this here offer a peek into all of the milestones in his design career.


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