A broad is moving abroad!

My friend Amy is moving to the UK in the fall and I am mostly sad, but that sadness is accented with a tinge of jealousy! That’s because she is by default (thanks to her British mama) a citizen of the UK. Becoming a citizen anywhere is difficult, especially in the UK where one would have to meet annoying qualifications and/or be sponsored by an employer for a work visa. For Amy, all it took was a visit to the embassy, and she now holds two passports.

This means that she can:
– live and work in the UK legally
– live and work anywhere in the EU legally
– eat delicious Indian food before going on a shopping spree at Topshop (according to my friend Alice, the London shop is still 100000 Xs better than its NY counterpart)

Her sojourn gets me excited to think about my own, which I don’t have a proper itinerary for but that I know will happen someday, soon?

With that being said, here’s a cool visual from Travel Brochure Graphics via can’trememberwhere but probably here.


Find out more about getting naturalized!


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