I will forever have a soft spot for plaid and nautical print. Both defy genres, styles, and trends. Through my many stages of identity crises, I have found ways to incorporate both prints in my dress. My hipster days were spent sporting stripes, horizontal and vertical. During my preppy days (a brief, brief occurrence when I was 17), I amassed a collection of J.Crew plaid button downs. And nothing gets me going the way that Ralph Lauren does with their timeless checkered shirts.

So, imagine my exuberance upon seeing these whimsical stuffed elephants from Zurich-based shop, Townhouse.

Why does everything look better on toy elephants!

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  1. if these are the ones designed by andreas linzner, then tiny g has an awesome one in terrycloth plaid that was a gift from rose & andy at aplusrstore.com!

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