Daniel Johnston



Finished the documentary. Now working on listening to the The Late Great Daniel Johnston / Discovered Covered album.

I can’t believe I finally got around to the movie. It’d been on my Netflix queue for what felt like an eternity. Knowing the musician’s back story always heightens the listening experience. After all, it’s helpful to get a glimpse of what the artist was going through when his body of work came into existence. Daniel Johnston’s story was mostly bittersweet. The documentary purports to define Johnston’s mental illness as an inevitable consequence of his unmanageable genius. However, as a fan, I kept rooting for his sanity. Like some of his cohorts (i.e. Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore), I reluctantly gave up on the “tortured artist” fantasy and wanted him to just be healthy. I stopped caring what medication and hospitalization was doing to his creativity because he wasn’t really making music or art anyway when left to his own devices.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you how it ends because you could probably Wiki-it. But if you haven’t heard his music in a while, its certainly time to revisit…

Dream Scream – Daniel Johnston

This song blows my mind.


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