Oh Humphry, my Humphry


Probably my favorite ice cream spot in NorCal- but Scoops still wins as “favorite ice creamery ever” because nothing–not even the malted vanilla or salted licorice from Humphry Slocombe–can ever replace the brown bread.

Humphry Slocombe, which tops Bi-Rite Creamery in my gluttonous heart, will be sending me Foie Gras ice cream sandwiches (and a few other flavors) for a round-up I’m working on at work. But I might just have to get a preview this weekend!

photo via Flickr

  1. annie said:

    Freaking a’. I haven’t been to scoops ever. I know I’m a moron. Mpls has this amazing place called Sebastian Joe’s that makes the FUCKING BEST oreo ice cream ON EARTH. I would wager my first born child and all my domestic pets that SJ’s oreo ice cream reigns supreme.

  2. lynrei said:

    the foie gras ice cream on ginger snap is HELLAZ good. i love it.

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