Cole Haan Heritage line (thanks Ben!)





Having friends who work in the fashion industry doesn’t just mean free swag and star-studded parties (ew, did I just say that?), it’s also kind of a burden. These same friends will often alert me of a new, cool brand or product, causing me to lust for things I can’t afford. My good friend, the infamous Alice of Adidas, is always sporting some kind of awesome garment from a new Adidas collaboration (most recently, it’s been Jeremy Scott).

My friend Ben is in New York for business and had a chance to stop by the Cole Haan showroom. I’ve got a soft spot for Cole Haan. My favorite red patent leather loafers are Cole Haan, purchased on a whim at the Desert Hills outlet on my way to Palm Springs 4 years ago. The shoes are comfortable, made with good quality leather, and preppy in an unexpectedly cool way. And the new Heritage line coming out looks like it’s a winner! It’s Amish- and French countryside-chic, but tailored for a cosmopolitan woman (or man). I love this line and cannot wait for it to debut. I’ll start my piggy bank now.

Thanks Ben for the intel!

  1. vanessa said:

    ahhh are these all mens shoes? i want i wanttttt

  2. eyeprinciple said:

    Not men’s! Women’s!

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