Space 15 Twenty Blogger Shop day recap


Just wanted to holler at the mime right behind us trying to get through!


our clothes, merchandised by Alice


I call these my “Asian Cupcakes”. A layer of green tea cake, red bean filling, a layer of black sesame cake topped with green tea-cream cheese frosting. And a slice of strawberry of course. These were going for $2. Thanks for the support!

Sunday’s eventful Blogger Shop Day at Space 15 Twenty has come and gone. I spent Saturday evening pricing my clothes and organizing bags of “someone else’s treasures”. Of course, around 3:00 am Sunday morning, I was up baking cupcakes. A little zombie-ish at that point, I was haphazardly dropping muffin tins, spilling matcha powder all over my kitchen. But I done-did what I set out to do and had cupcakes to sell at the event.

Sunday morning, Diana, Carol, and I pitched our booth amid fashionistas and locavores. We wheeled Carol’s rolling rack through the crowded farmer’s market-turf and found a nice area by Boos & Besito to pitch our booth. Couldn’t have found a better spot, right next to some foine ladies and a bathroom. Throughout the day, we made quite a number of sales, and I sold a vintage Christian Dior 80’s blazer that many people wanted to love but couldn’t handle the angular shape and the bright blue color.

Anyway, thanks Tania for coordinating this. Apparently, another larger one will be taking place in August.

Photos courtesy of Diana J., my better half.

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  1. annie said:

    Those cupcakes look amaazin’. More reasons to miss LA.

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