Jasmine B., a stylist, my friend.


I can list a handful of fashion-savvy folks who have wanted/currently want to be stylists. At one point in my life, I brashly declared that if I didn’t own my own Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant, I’d become a hoighty toighty stylist who’d only work on photo shoots with Steve Meisel or Annie Lebovitz. I’m far from either dream scenarios, and while the restauranteuring thing is still in my foresight, the styling thing has long been buried in my mental graveyard.

Styling isn’t easy nor is it very glamorous. Stylists do it because they are truly dedicated to transforming a human body (or mannequin) and some fabric (that’s what clothes are, after all) into a sculptural piece. I know this because I’ve assisted a few stylists in my lifetime and I’ve seen what goes on. There’s a lot of steaming, packing, pinning, smoking, traveling, and waiting around. There’re also heart palpitations and bitchy people. But at the end of the day, you love what you love and you’ll overlook what belabors you. That’s why truly dedicated and talented stylists are needles in haystacks.

My friend Jasmine Benjamin (NYC) is a fashion-extraordinaire who has been in the game for a minute. Aside from having the stamina to push through terribly long shoots and bad attitudes, she’s a creative mind to be reckoned with. She visualizes articles of clothing on people in ways the average clothes whore (me) would never dream up (this is so true). Anyway, her site/portfolio is finally up. Check her out and if you ever need someone to gussy YOU up, give her a holler.


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