Living the good life lately.

Today was a good day. I feel smiley and happy and energetic. Could be because I’ll soon be having visitors from NY keeping me company. Today has consisted of:

My Willie Nelson Sweet Memories vinyl has been on rotation lately. I kind of love his version of “Both Sides Now”. He’s made me realize that “I really don’t know love at all”. Willie, you speak the truth.

Slathering on my favorite scented potions makes me feel sexy and girly in the morning. Then I turn into a sweaty pig after my bike ride to work.

I just built my Ikea desk. It was so cheap! But I still think it’s ugly. Enjoy my cute $1 chair instead.

A family heirloom (not mine) that I purchased at an estate sale in SF years ago. This owl lamp brings back some great memories I shared with a loved one.

This is the reason why my life isn’t in shambles. Thanks, Muji.

And finally, my favorite time of the day, time for Chemex brewed coffee, sliced Gala apples with Trader Joe peanut butter, and daydreams.


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