Museum hopping… I mean, shopping

I used to be such a bag-whore. I’d purchase the most dramatic looking bags for the sake of, well, looking dramatic. I was impervious to the changes happening in fashion–the sudden bursts of minimalist design and somber color palette; I scorned trends. But then, I converted to carrying simple totes and purses. Looking through my closet this morning, I was saddened by the yawn-inducing array of accessories I’ve acquired since then. My favorite purchase of all time, a black Helmut Lang knotted purse, suddenly seemed so drab.

I’m now looking for a bag with a jazzy, vibrant personality. In my quest, I decided to try my favorite museum shops. Museum gift stores always unexpectedly turn out some of the best wares. I can always find weird pins, bracelets, notebooks, and scarves, and now, bags. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Lace Evening Bag by Luisa Cevese $98

White lace sandwiched between water-resistant polyurethane. Has a shoulder strap and zipper closure. Made in Italy. Available at the MOMA store.

Picture 2
Kanazu Sen-I Kusha tote $52

Made from polylactic corn fabric, these bags are 100% bio-degradable. I’ve blogged about the totes before, but now they’re available at the Cooper Hewitt Design Shop.

Louise Buchan “Creel” bag £115.00

Pearl-print lined, wicker bag with distressed leather handles. Available at the Victoria & Albert Museum Shop.


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