A while back, I blogged about Slow and Steady Wins the Race here and here. I was always drooling from a distance, especially after I tried on SASWTR wedges at Opening Ceremony and instantly fell in love, hard. Finally last night, I got to see Mary Ping’s entire collection at space 15 Twenty, at the newly curated pop up shop inside Urban Outfitters.

Picture 12

I wish I had photos of last night’s festivities. Fun party! No Age performed with giant gold balloons as their backdrop that spelled out ANN (birthday girl). Sidenote: Now I want gold balloons for my birthday. Inside the shop, the clothes/bags/glasses/shoes were on display, but not to be outdone by a massive cheese spread that I dared not walk towards after a whole afternoon chowing down at the BBQ FEST.

Mary Ping’s collection is smart and affordable–more artistic than retail-driven. My favorite of the night was a pair of sweatpants that were cinched at the ankles and gussied up with a satin strip running down the sides of each pant leg. The frustrating question of the night was “why didn’t I think of that?” and of course, being the self-deprecating mid-twenties cynic that I am, I realized that it’s because ‘I’m just so average“. UGGGH Mary Ping, stop making me feel so average.

This dress was $88!

This dress was $88!


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