The world of “cool zines” is my oyster. And I am extremely picky about the ones I think are worth reading. It’s definitely easier to read them than to create them, I tell you. I’m still in the process of finishing my own zine, a project that has shed glaring light on the overly cerebral experience of editing zines. A good or bad submission is sometimes not so obvious; the work can be disguised as “having potential”. Feels like dating all over again. Doesn’t help that I have erratic bouts of frustration with the chosen theme. Too much thinking is involved. I thought it would all be instinctual. Why am I such a Scorpio?

Blog = Therapy.


I’m inspired by the Antwerp-based Gagarin magazine, which is a semi-annual book of never-before-published texts written by international artists. In the 9 years that this publication has been around, artists like Hans Op de Beeck, John Baldessari, Richard Serra, Fiona Tan, and the like have all contributed personal and revealing literature written in their own language.

I stopped by Gagarin booth at New York’s Art Book Fair last year and was really impressed with the whole collection. The zine’s creator, Mr. Wilfried Huet, an art-world OG, was there with his daughter answering every question asked by art-starved book nerds, and letting our dirty hands fondle the spine of each zine. I would have bought issue 8 #1 on the spot but had used my cash buying brownies at Chelsea Market. I’m such a loser.


Each zine is € 19 per issue. Cheaper when you buy more than one. Kind of worth the overseas hassle.


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