I love things made out of yarn, especially jewelry. Over winter break, I knitted a chain-link necklace for my friend Christine out of yarn. It was my rookie attempt to create a luxurious accessory out of wool. I’ll have to ask Christine how that necklace is holding up.

Daydream Nation
, a UK-based design team, creates whimsical pieces out of yarn that not only exhibit laudable craftsmanship, but also a good sense of humor. Kay and Jing Wong, the masterminds behind the brand, recently wrote to me about their Fall/Winter 2009 line and I fell in love with the “His Glasses” necklace that resembles a dangling pair of specs, crocheted of course. Since it doesn’t get cold enough in LA for scarves until the last bit of December, Daydream Nation’s newest collection meets us half-way. We get the scarf experience, but not really. Heck, I’d wear it in the summer with a bathing suit just to be ironic, or fashionable–you decide.



Daydream Nation can be found all over the world, sold at stores like Selfriges, Topshop, Henri Bendel, Beams, etc.


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