Roy Orbison wears it well


I’ve been looking for black sunglasses that envelop my face like a dark canopy, with lenses that have a minimal opacity level and boxy frames.

I came across these “Locs” aka gangster/cholo-style sunglasses on Ebay that I can proudly say is a definitive West Coast trend, clearly not for the general public, but a trend nevertheless. Eazy-E wore them; Aaliyah sang about them (see “Tell Me You’re That Somebody”). They are kind of hood, kind of slick, and importantly, very affordable. These particular glasses were $9.99 + shipping, a steal for this simple, pared down design.

Then I saw these Ray Ban Wayfarers from OAK NYC for $142.00. Another classic look but one that is sure to break the bank. As much as I love Ray Bans, I feel this 1952 reproduction has run its course, thanks to the outbreak of multi-color options I see everywhere. Sure, it’s a reliable design but there’s something about those locs…

Roy Orbison NOT wearing locs, but looking stylish as ever.


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