Oh yea, my rent’s due soon too.


I am supremely jeal of New Yorkers right now. The Petra Projects show is opening tonight featuring a few artists I really admire and who really inspire me (ahem, Alex Hubbard). I emailed the co-curator, Anastasia, with a few interview questions. As of 10 minutes ago when I last checked my email, she has not yet replied! While I patiently wait do the song and dance with my refresh tab, here’s some of the questions I sent her, which I hope get answered soon!

1. In working with a new guard of New-York based artists whose artistic discourse overlap, how much of their work do you think results from the social, political, and economical climate of New York City, where they all reside “in close proximity”?

2. How did your idea for this show come about? And how did APF get involved?

3. From your research and experience, is art a viable medium of communication? How exactly does one “communicate like a normal person”? Anyway, if you’re in NY, definitely stop by the opening. It should be good.


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