Brother Reade (at SXSW), Photo by: Paul Chang

Brother Reade (at SXSW), Photo by: Paul Chang



It often takes me some time to absorb new music, even if the music content comes as a recommendation from a friend. I’m your typical absentminded, ADD-afflicted, music junkie, whose pages of “new music to check out” is forever neatly stacked on the bedside table. I feel pretty caught-up for the most part, but the lightning speed at which new bands are forming keeps me eternally chasing and salivating. I’d say about two years ago, there was a lot of talk about local Silverlake hip hop duo Brother Reade. Friends and friends of friends were feeding me verbal advertising about Brother Reade’s music. People who saw their live shows would rave about how good the performances were. 

A month ago, OG-FAN Sadaf convinced me it was high time I check them out. Brother Reade performed an exciting (and loud) set at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, an unusual venue for a hip hop set up. I was sippin on some Honest Tea and bopping up and down to jam after jam. Bobby (glasses) was switching it up with the drum set and the turntables asynchronously yet at the same time, was uniting two beat-making mediums. Jimmy (beard) flawlessly delivered clever rhymes and alliterated catchy sentences. Superfans up front knew every word to their songs. There were many moments I wish I knew them too. Anyway, enough fawning- check out a video of their latest single “Lucifer” at the Black Cat in DC.

Fine. More fawning. Their frequently updated website is worth checking out.


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