lollygagging in Palm Desert without purple bracelets





Here’s another teaser for my Coachella weekend round up- assorted photos I shot to document my two full days of lollygagging with friends in undesirable weather conditions. Though going to see live music was definitely a priority, this year’s trip east was mostly about the scene (that I’m now too old for, I guess), the pool parties, and Palm Springs fashion. There were a lot of gladiator footwear spin-offs (so. not. okay), a shit-ton of denim cutoffs, vintage 60s swimwear, and as my friend Zinzi observed, “hard bodies”. Overall, this year’s event felt like an MTV Beach house experience, chock full of bros and bimbos and flame tattoos. But to balance out the Animal House-meets-hipster vibe was the camaraderie among hardcore concert goers who are just looking for a good time.

Highlights included:
1. Spotting Alexander Wang, Kanye West, Zoe Kravitz, Jeremy Scott, Sam Spiegel, and the legendary Robyn at the Adidas x Jeremy Scott party.
2. Brunch at the King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel. Had a terrific mezze platter and a few bites of a jicama, kumquat salad with champagne vinaigrette.
3. Being on stage with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for 3.5 milliseconds before getting ushered off stage. “What purple bracelets? We need purple bracelets?”
4. Free-flowing liquor and never-ending plates of bbq at the Anthem Ranch.
5. Busy P hitting home runs at the Anthem Ranch with old school jams!
6. Meeting Warren G at a random Mexican food joint and convincing him to pose for a photograph with me and 5 other people.
7. MBV, loud as ever.
8. Getting into the venue with bracelets that once belonged to Thievery Corporation. And feeling self-important about it.

Here’s a nice summary of what 36 hours in Palm Springs might look like, by the NYT.


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