Ghost ride the blog


Like every 16 – 30 year old interested in fashion, design, and pop culture, I try to keep up with Kanye West’s blog. I was one of those naïve readers who believed that the hip hop laureate was posting 20 + times a day, in between meetings with labels and fashion designers, and was well-versed in every topic requiring good taste and proper intel. Of course, the wool’s been pulled over my eyes, our eyes. My culture-hound friend Ben Wang informed me that there’s been controversy brewing for the last year regarding the legitimacy of Kanye’s blog posts. Apparently, he’s been outsourcing the work to a team of ghostwriters. Woah. Say what? Of course I did a little bit of research. This accusation rings true. Kanye admits to deceptive blog-hosting.

My thoughts.

Chill out everybody. It’s absolutely ridiculous how many enraged journalists there are out there, bashing Kanye’s decision to hire writers. Oh Kanye and his duplicitous ways [insert finger-wagging]. This only fuels the criticism regarding Kanye’s swollen ego and uncompromising personality.

New York Magazine contributor Bennett Marcus says, scathingly, “So there you go — if you want a blog as successful as Kanye’s, it’s as simple as having a camera, a staff of two, and a guy who goes to cool places all the time.” But you know, it helps to also be a Grammy-winning musician exposed to cool shit, who might be too busy to write about all the cool shit all the time. A lot of what I’ve read sounds like juice from sour grapes to me. Survival of the fittest, my friends. Even on the internet, no holds barred. Shame on all the haters.


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