There’s nothing better than finding out about your favorite band’s side/individual projects, unless the stepchildren turn out to be ugly brats. The discovery then transforms from sadness into outrage– What? James Iha and one of the Hanson brothers?. It’s hard to accept that a band that has “changed your life”, that “can do no wrong” might be doing their loyal fans a great injustice by pursuing new endeavors. For example, shortly after the Smashing Pumpkins bid their fans adieu, lead singer Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin  re-emerged as the unsullied heroes of Zwan. The new project  was incredibly overhyped and its dissolution came within 3 short years of its creation. I immediately became less of a S.P fan after the Zwan debacle. Why couldn’t they just bow out gracefully?

Paul Weller on the other hand prefers the flip side. He’s evolved from post-punk(The Jam), R& B and adult contemporary (Style Council)to even more adult contemporary (Paul Weller, as himself). His successful transmutation was almost cinematic. I liked all three versions of Paul without knowing that the Brit crooner was actually the wizard of Oz, or Eddie Murphy à la Coming To America. His multiple personalities were all well-received by fans in the US, the UK and by my iPod of course.

I promise this is long winded for good reason!

Ghost, a Japanese noise/experimental rock  group, will be performing at Spaceland in May. Me and Ghost crossed paths moons ago at Aron’s in Hollywood (RIP), before my appreciation for music transcended pop-alt or low-fi. Noise was simply just noise at the time and not conceptual at all. I bought the record anyway and recently revisited. WOW. Ghost’s self-titled album is killer, even now, 19 years after the band recorded it. It’s been on blast in my car these past few days and I recently found out that Michio Kurihara, a Ghost member, is currently playing in another Japanese band that I like, the more widely known Boris. (thanks Brooklyn Vegan). This got me thinking of all the crossovers and spinoffs in the music realm that have worked and that have tanked. There’s definitely more of the latter. So here’s to Michio Kurihara, easily the most forgettable member of Boris, who managed to build a pretty impressive resume against all odds.

If you’re in Los Angeles- see Ghost live at the Spaceland on May 21!


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