Arkitip & the Ace & Generic Surplus mesh well


Since the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs opened, it’s been flocked by gaggles of hipsters, trendy families, and design-bloggers. With Coachella approaching (5 more days!) and the Ace booked completely, I expect nothing short of a Factory experience. Drugs, booze, musicians, artists, and a lot of love-making in pools and on pool decks. There will be at least a handful of Nico or Edie Sedgwick look-alikes strolling around lifelessly in barely visible clothing.

I won’t be at the Ace, unfortunately. Instead, I’ll be nursing my sunburns and tan lines at my friend’s grandparent’s timeshare. ROCK N ROLL!


Speaking of the Ace, visual art heavyweights Arkitip and man-brand Generic Surplus have teamed up with the hotel to create a Palm Springs-inspired sneaker and tote. Made with a special mesh material, the shoe offers comfort for the desert-goer. It’s practically water resistant (dries very quickly when wet) and offers breathability for your sweaty toes. Since the sizes will never accommodate my child’s feet, I’ll have to stick with the mesh tote.


The $85 shoes won’t be available until July 1st. But stay up to date or reserve your shoes now.


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